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Welcome to Shape Kickboxing!

We train at Eos-hallen in Lund, Sweden.

The new semester starts on Sunday, September 10!
Our training times are Sundays and Wednesdays 20.00 - 21.30.
Please join our  Facebook group for more info.

  • We teach classes in English!  
  • Training is open for everyone 15 and over and you don't need any previous experience.
  • You can start at any time during the term. 
  • The term membership is 890kr but as a student you pay only 690kr. That price is for the whole semester.
  • A trial session is 90kr, which we then deduct from the term membership fee, if you decide to continue. Of course, you can do as many trial sessions as you want, at 90kr a pop, but we only deduct the price of one trial session when you buy the term membership. 
  • You can pay with cash or Swish (if you have), unfortunately we cannot accept creditcards. 
  • Beginners wear a white t-shirt or top and please bring 90kr in cash (or Swish) for the first trial session. You will also need a water bottle. 
  • We train barefoot on a hardwood floor,  so we sell sports tape you can put on your toes to avoid blisters - 30kr.  but you can also wear indoor shoes if you want. 
  • We have boxing gloves for everyone to borrow, but we also sell gloves and other equipment, should you want to buy your own gear. We sell quality gear at a competitive price. 
  • Our style is a hybrid of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, also known as Dutch Kickboxing, inspired by K-1 and Glory Kickboxing. 
  • A typical session involves kicking and punching pads with a partner, as well as both some strength and cardio exercises. 
  • You do not need to be "fit" before you start training. You start training and then you get fit, that's how that works! 
  • Sparring is only done in the advanced group, which you can join if you have adequate experience, i.e. you're used to sparring in kickboxing or Muay Thai. Please talk to the instructor first, if you are interested in sparring.  
If you have any further questions or if you would like to receive updates on our training, please join our
Facebook group.

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